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We no longer offer online purchases.  Please visit our website to see the complete line of D.S. Machine Stoves
D.S.Machine Stoves
Coal Stoves, Wood
Stoves & Boilers
Chimney Liners

Manufactured by Amish
Have hot air or hot water regulators
Have cast iron doors and grates
Have exterior shaker handle for dust-free shake-down
No electricity required to run.
Can burn coal or wood.
Coal Stoves burn your choice of pea, nut and stove coal
Various models to choose from.
Some come with gravity fed hoppers while some models can have one added.
Boilers and hot air furnace can be tied into existing working systems.
All stoves require stainless steel chimney or block chimney.
If you are considering the purchase of a new coal or wood stove make this brand your choice!!
These stoves are well built, dependable and low maintenance... made by the Amish who use them daily.
They are well built to withstand everyday use.
This is a super fine line of products to choose from.
When cared for properly these stoves can service you for a very long time.

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